Profile of Mr. Golam Mohammad Kibria:

Mr. Golam Mohammad Kibria, honorable Mayor of Sherpur Pourashava, was born on the 6th November 1959 in a noble Muslim Family at Noyani Bazar in Sherpur District. He is the son of late Nizam Uddin Ahmmed, a great organizer of liberation war and a prominent freedom fighter and dedicated political leader also.

He completed his Secondary education from Mohammodpur Govt High School, Dhaka. After the completion of School life he studied in Dhaka College and Passed the H.S.C Exam from there. After the completion of Collage life he studied in Dhaka University and Passed MSS in Sociology from there. Feeling interested in Polities even in Student life he involved in Student Leage Polities and he became an “Education and study circle” secretary of BCL central comity.

Golam Mohammod Kibria has bean elected Mayor of Sherpur Pourashava for 2nd time at 30-12-2015 and he has taken charge on 18-02-2016. Previous term was 31-05-2004 to 13-02-2011. He is an eminent Politician, social and cultural worker and a strong believer in Community Developments.

His wife is Mrs. Shahina Akter Parvin. They have two Children, son Shihab Ahmed Kibria Srabon, Age 21 years and daughter, Nafisa Ahmed Kibria, Age 19 years. Both are engaged in study.

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